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We all know the problems that aging causes, so in this article we will look at an excellent product to help you fight those nasty signs of aging.

What Is It?

This is an at-home anti-aging device which uses two processes to help you achieve long-term, radiant looking skin. These two technologies are; ‘fractional red light therapy’, and ‘deep thermal heating’ which will help to stimulate the collagen production in your skin. Let’s take a closer look at these two technologies:

Deep Fractional Light

This is phototherapy which uses high power red LED’s to stimulate fibroblast growth. This red light energy prompts increased circulation, and new cell growth while reversing the effects of photo-aging by not only reducing wrinkles, but also improving your skin texture, and reducing the size of your skins pores. You will find that this process will eliminate skin imperfections, and replace them with newer, younger-looking skin.

Dermal Heat

The product incorporates dermal heating with real time control to ensure optimal skin temperature at 40-41 degrees centigrade, what this means is that it delivers uniform energy distribution, and effectively targets deep into your skin to heat your collagen which in turn allows for anti-aging and dermal regeneration.

You may often hear these two technologies called “Home Fractional (HF) Technology” as the multiple technologies used are combined into a single system. The synergy of this combination between fractional light and healing heat energy will help you to achieve long-term radiant skin.

How Does It Work?

You will find that when you touch this product against your face the 24 small red LED’s will light up, simultaneously it will gently warm your skin to the perfect temperature allowing the red light therapy to stimulate multiple layers of your skin for a complete solution

The ‘Active’ HF technology will target the top layer of your skin, and address fine lines and pores to improve your skin texture while the ‘Deep’ HF technology will penetrate deeper into the skin to address larger wrinkles and discoloured spots.

What Areas Of Your Body Can You Use It On?

It is most typically used on facial areas. This includes around your eyes to help reduce or eliminate crow’s feet, under the eyes to help with any ‘bags’, on your cheeks and forehead, as well as around your mouth and neck.

It should be noted that when you are treating around your eyes you should keep them closed, and the final thing to note is that areas of your face with little skin or fat can heat up faster than areas with more fat; what this means is that shorter treatment times will be required when treating the former.

This technology is tried and tested, and you will find many people are extremely satisfied with the results, so if you are looking for a home anti-aging treatment
please do a little homework, and read up on the benefits you can expect from this product as well looking at some of the excellent reviews actual users have written.

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